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The start of the division
The First Polish Armoured Division was an initiative of general Stanisław Władysław Maczek. His ambition was rewarded when on the 25th of February he was given the order to organize this division. De first modern unit of the Polish Forces.
In August 1944. after the landing on the beaches in Normandy. The division played a crucial role when sealing off the attempted escape German 7th army in the area close to Falaise. Then  he  liberated  Breda on the 29th of October.
Thanks to his  carefully and strong tactical skills this city was saved from much suffering and destruction of its buildings.
On the 30th of October he received the title of Honorary Citizen of Breda. Their quest continued on the 6th of April  they then liberated big parts of Drenthe and Groningen.On the sixth of May General Maczek received the city delegations of the city Wilhemshaven for the capitulation of this big German naval base.

In the period between October 44 and the official liberation of the Netherlands on the 5th of May many things happened  to The First Polish Armoured Division.

Return to Poland
Dark clouds gathered above the already demobilized soldiers with plans of returning to their homeland. The Russians had taken control over their country. Pretty soon it became obvious that their plans of going home was not a good option.

Breda and  surroundings.
Many Polish liberators made Breda and the villages around it theirs new home. The started their own families here. Their children ( second generation) grew up in the Netherlands. Today we even have a third and fourth generation,

The years are counting.
For years and years the remembrance services where organized by old combatants . A number of organizations have helped but…the years our counting. A wish of many ex soldiers to continue the existence of these services got form. Behind the scenes the talked and thought about it. On the 25th of May their planning was rewarded with the start of the Association  First Polish Armoured Division the Netherlands. A comfortable thought for many.

And now?
With this information we hope to have given you an impression of the chain of events that lead to the creation of the Association First Polish Armoured Division the Netherlands. We would like to continue these coming years to keep the legacy intacte and maybe let it shine even more. @





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