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The Board of the Association 1st Polish Armoured Division Netherlands consists of 6 persons . The chairman , secretary and treasurer pious day management , and are supported by the other members of the board.

Bolek Krzeszewski ( Chairman since 1 Jan 2007 ) (former 2nd secretary since 2002 ) ( former vice- president since 2005)
Married , father of 2 children. Born in Breda , the son of Polish veteran Mieczyslaw Krzeszewski , after a few years moved to Teteringen , a village in the shadow of Breda . Employed by the Tax / Centre for ICT in Apeldoorn.

n addition to my busy work at the tax center automation I enjoy and also a duty to do for the Polish community in Breda anything. My biggest goal is to maintain the memorial in the Polish military funeral monuments in and around Breda and transfer to the third and later generations this feeling.
This a tribute to our liberators and to those who lost their lives in the liberation of Breda and other parts of the Netherlands .
That is why it is so important that many in and around Breda are a member of the 1st Polish Armoured Division Netherlands , so the thought ahead of General Staniław Maczek persists.

Frans Olejek ( Secretary since 2002 )

'm Married to Rian and we have no children . The son of a Polish father and Dutch mother, I was born on October 8, 1950 in Breda . I was working as a Management Coordinator at the sewage treatment plant Nieuwveer in Breda . This purification and branch of the organization Brabant Delta Water.
In 2013 I went with pension. In childhood I was not active in Breda associations such as the Polish school and dance groups . The interest was aroused in 1990 by a letter in the newspaper where a call was made to mostly sons and daughters of Polish veterans from Breda and surroundings. These were the foundation of the Breda Cultural Association , Polonia , , . Since then we have been there and my wife met with much enthusiasm as secretary . In 2002 I was involved with the founding of the Association 1st Polish Armoured Division Netherlands.

With this work , I get a certain satisfaction to keep . Polish veterans , including my father's honor.

Kees Nowak ( Treasurer since 2002 )

Married and worked as a teacher of mathematics and computer science at the Theresialyceum in Tilburg.

Al and number of years I have realized that we need to keep before we lost him. Polish culture in Breda It was clear that I had to help to ensure that the memory of the liberators of Breda should be giving them. Dignified commemoration kept alive with
Because of my love for numbers is a task as treasurer to do . Well for me.

Adrian Stopa ( Consul Foreign Affairs and Embassy business since 2008 ) ( former chair 2002-2008 )

The eldest son of one of the soldiers of the 1st Polish Armoured Division ( Antitank Regiment ) and Dutch mother .
Born and living in Breda , married a Polish woman and enjoy since October 2003 an early retirement . Was until recently Vice-President of the Polish Olympic Committee, where he is now chairman . He is actively involved in the activities of the Polish veterans for years. So he founded in 1990, the Breda cultural association Polonia .
In 1992 he organized a symposium on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of General S.Maczek which the son of General Maczek , Andrzej actively participated . In 1994 a member of the Organization Committee at Breda liberated 50 years. On May 25, 2002 along with other children of Polish Veterans Association 1st Polish Armoured Division Netherlands he founded.

As a proud survivor of the 1st Polish Armoured Division , I think it is important that cherishes the younger generation in this association , the legacy of the Polish veterans . And that the share of the 1st Polish Armoured Division in the liberation of the Netherlands is not forgotten. It is particularly important here because the graves are located in the Polish soldiers who died during the liberation of the Netherlands and the tomb of General Maczek itself.
It is an honor for me to be able to keep the memories of the share of the 1st Polish Armoured Division in the liberation of Europe and memorials to be allowed to continue.

Stas Szamrowicz (board member since 2002 )

Born as the eldest son of veteran Edmund Szamrowicz (8th Bat ) and a Dutch mother on 31-08-1947 in Breda . Married with Ine and three children all live independently for many years . In total, already four grandchildren. After the study became a professional soldier . Lived by the work ( an officer in the Royal Army ) too many years outside Breda (including Roosendaal and Assen ) . In 2002, after 35 years of service which went five years as Infantryman and 30 years as an Officer in Physical Education and Sport retire .
Since 1990, closely associated with the Polish community as a board member of the Breda Cultural Association Polonia . Also, some additional activities for the Polish Olympic Committee and board member of the 1st Polish Armoured Division Netherlands since 2002.
Find it pleasant to do for the Polish community as a tribute to all veterans of the 1st Polish Armoured Division anything.

Wadec Salewicz (board member since 2008 )

I was born 22-12-1945, married since 1970 with Ria . We have a son and a daughter and two kleinkinderen.Als eldest son of a Polish father and Dutch mother, I was born in Oosterhout and still living in Oosterhout.Tot 2007 I had a busy job as a purchasing manager at a machine .
In August 2007 , I am with pre - retirement gone . The free time I have now , I want the best possible and sensible spending . My hobbies include going on holiday , gardening and traveling use . I also find it a great honor to take on the tasks that my father in Oosterhout area had as a member of the 1st Polish Armoured Division , and where necessary from tebreiden .
This can and I want to keep my father and his fellow Polish veterans in mind.


Thanks to the financial contributions from members and donations from third parties the board of the Association 1st Polish Armoured Division Netherlands can make each year many activities .
On January 1, 2016 , the Association had 102 members. In June and October, the members receive the information booklet , in the wake of the division .
Traditionally, the association can count on the support of a large group of elderly people and children of veterans because the activities largely take place in Breda and surroundings.

General meeting.

Annual Association 1st Polish Armoured Division Netherlands is organizing a general meeting . This takes place in the second week of December (this year it is on 11 Dec 2016 ) . It is always in combination with the day of General Maczek .
All our members are cordially invited to attend. These meetings take place in a relaxed atmosphere and offers plenty of room for interaction. So come every year great ideas from members forward.
The regular meeting address is: Café , The Tourist, situated on the Teteringsedijk 145 Breda . 14.00 hrs or otherwise stated in the agenda .
It is set to hold a short meeting in the intention and keep while enjoying a snack and drink . A social gathering afterwards.


Is important that the members of the association , expressed a several advantages :
free information on the Polish Armoured Division .
help in finding out information about the Division .
free two times a year the information booklet .
Membership is not expensive because the fee is only € 15 per year.(
Become a member!)

Change of address.

A change of address :

So our administration remains in order, and you will continue to receive information from the Association 1st Polish Armoured Division .


The association has sometimes need of volunteers . You have to think about visiting commemorations , which must be . Than a report , or photos and film made
And then there is sometimes a need for help with events.
The help is always asked on the home page under the headline asked volunteers right.
You can now specify a volunteer by E - mail : Enter your name, address and phone

Volunteers can:

1. Help organize certain commemorations and other activities , that means eg guiding guests to their seats and / or maintain order during memorial so that it can proceed as planned.
2. Participate in commemorations in the Netherlands and abroad .
3. The data of the commemorative objects such as monuments , commemorative plaques, war on the 1st Polish Armoured Division in the Netherlands , Belgium , France , Germany and Great Britain find, describe and photograph processing .
4. Interesting material on the 1st Polish Armoured Division and Polish soldiers to our website or / and send our magazine .
5. Search for sponsors and donors who want to support . Our association financially
For more information :
6. Carrying the banner .
In advance thank you board the volunteer .

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